Dr. Tricia Groff, Licensed Psychologist


My clients are motivated, tenacious and courageous. I seek to honor their effort through providing excellent service, compassion, current research, and practical strategies to help them meet their goals


Doctor of Philosophy, Counseling Psychology

        (Ball State University, Academic Honors)

Master of Science, Clinical Psychology

        (Millersville University, Academic Honors)

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

      (Millersville University, Magna Cum Laude, Departmental Honors)


14 years of therapy and consulting service in the following settings:

Private outpatient counseling offices

 Community clinic

Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Facility

Substance abuse center



I am passionate about people overcoming obstacles to achieve goals, dreams and peace.

I believe that my clients are strong, motivated and talented individuals who are seeking to improve their lives in some way. Some of my clients are currently successful in their personal and professional lives, but are seeking to sharpen their performance or increase the quality of their relationships. Others have experienced recent personal or professional hardships and are struggling to get back on their feet again.

Regardless of the need, I partner with my clients and utilize their strengths to help them achieve their goals. I also strive to provide research-based and practically oriented approaches to provide high quality services.