Dr. Tricia Groff, Licensed Psychologist


My clients are motivated, tenacious and courageous. I seek to honor their effort through providing excellent service, compassion, current research, and practical strategies to help them meet their goals


Doctor of Philosophy, Counseling Psychology

        (Ball State University, Academic Honors)

Master of Science, Clinical Psychology

        (Millersville University, Academic Honors)

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

(Millersville University, Magna Cum Laude,

Departmental Honors)


14 years in a variety of settings



Psychology takes business and personal performance to the next level. It is useful for changing habits,  improving relationships, minimizing stress, increasing career satisfaction, and optimizing health behaviors–all of which contribute to our quality of life.

The clients who see me are are strong, motivated and talented individuals who seek to improve their lives in some way.  They may want to sharpen their performance or increase the quality of their relationships. Others have experienced recent personal or professional hardships and are struggling to get back on their feet again.

People are able to go furthest when they are aware of their strengths, and use them to improve upon their weaknesses. Further, increased knowledge and practical strategies are crucial in achieving long term success.